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Process Servers And Much More in Springfield, Mo

Our professional Springfield process servers can serve your Summons, Evictions Notices, 3 or 10 Day Notices, Contempt Citations, Subpoenas, Child Support documents, Divorce Decrees, Interrogatories, Bank Levy, Garnishments and other legal documents as well as perform skip tracing and Financial Investigations.

Who we are?

Wheeler Services strives to bring professional service and cutting edge technology to the legal profession and local community through Private Investigation, Process Service, and Information and Networking.​

Owner, Drew Wheeler, has been a process server since 2005. He opened Wheeler Services LLC in 2009. He applied for and received his Missouri Private Investigator License in 2013 and offers the best services to his clients. Skip tracing and process service are his forte. All papers served are GPS tagged, date and time stamped to provide legitimacy of service attempts. Wheeler Services LLC uses ServeManager software to provide clients with instant access to progress on their case.


We're Experienced

Wheeler Services has over 15 years experience serving process and 400+ current clients. We provide superior service to our clients that sets us apart from our competition.

We're Honest

Our values are rooted in consciousness, community and transparency

We're Innovative

With the help of ServeManager software, Wheeler Services LLC offers instant updates to our clients on their case. An email update is sent to the client at the moment our agents make an attempt. The email includes GPS location, time and date information and the outcome of the attempt.

Our services

Process Service

All papers served are GPS tagged, date and time stamped to provide clients with instant access to progress on their case.

Private Investigations

General Investigations, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Worker’s Comp Surveillance, Personal Injury Surveillance, General Video Surveillance, Witness Interviews, and Skip Trace.

Skip Trace

Wheeler Services LLC has a 92% success rate in locating an individual.

Court Document Retrieval

We retrieve court documents from most county courts in Missouri.

Call our Team everyday

Call me for a confidential appointment. Our conversations are strictly confidential, just as you would expect from a psychologist or attorney.



What our Clients Say

Missouri Process Services, Bail Bonds, Skip Trace

Welcome to Wheeler Services, LLC.

Local pride that extends nationwide to meet your specific needs.

You deserve the best. The best experience. The best knowledge. The best commitment to meeting your specific needs.

That is the backbone of every service provided by Wheeler Services. With 12+ years of experience in this industry, owner Drew Wheeler and his team know what it takes to create success for you.

Our innovative approach incorporates modern technologies with traditional approaches to industry services. That means our community-orientated approach forms nationwide networks to ensure we can find the information or people that must be found.

Offering processing services, private investigations, skip tracing, and court document retrieval services, let our team know how we can help you today.

Processing Services

Process services are simple and straightforward. Find the person, serve the legal documents, and you’re done. Simple, however, does not equate to easy.

Some parties do not wish to be found. They avoid the typical process server because they know the routine. That delays your proceedings.

Just about anyone can be a process server with the right training. At Wheeler Services, our extensive experience in private investigation sets us apart. We help you find the people who don’t want to be found.

Your documents are also GPS-tagged, giving you a date and time stamp to receive instant updates about your case.

If you’re ready for your case to proceed, then let our team perform the processing services you require. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Private Investigations

Our law enforcement officials do an amazing job every day. Here in Missouri, they go above and beyond every day. Their effectiveness during an investigation is world-class.

There are times, however, when a private investigator is the best solution for your needs. From accident investigations to asset location, Wheeler Services performs the independent assistive services you require to make your case.

If you have an active personal injury case, our services will help locate witnesses, serve subpoenas, and more to help you and your representation build the strongest case possible.

Armed executive protection is also available for businesses and executives.

Real experience makes a huge impact on results. Get the information you need today.

Skip Tracing

 We have access to plenty of information these days. That access can help you build a case, find people, or locate specific assets. The amount of work it takes to complete those searches can be time-consuming.

Skip tracing services have traditionally involved searching for people. If someone moves out of state, changes their name, or takes other efforts to disappear, we can help you find them once again.

Our services in this area are quite effective at acquiring personal information, aliases, and locations. We currently operate with a 92% success rate in locating individuals.

At Wheeler Services, our skip tracing solutions will help you in other ways as well. Our team will find phone numbers, perform judicial records searches, professional licensing information, and much more.

Come let our experience become your next best asset.

Court Document Retrieval

Paperwork is what fuels our modern justice systems. To make your case, you must have access to specific documents and files. The only problem is that this information may be held in different communities or states.

Our team at Wheeler Services coordinates with local law enforcement throughout the U.S. to retrieve the documents and files you require. We can access courts across the country as well. Our team can pick-up files locally or ensure your required documents and files are delivered in a timely manner.

Backups of retrieved documents can be provided upon request as well.

You deserve an opportunity to make your case. Our court document retrieval services give you the best opportunity to do so.

Give Yourself the Best Chance for Success Today

Call Wheeler Services for a confidential appointment at your convenience. We would be honored to serve you and your needs during what may be a difficult time. Rest assured that our conversations will always be kept in confidentiality. We maintain privacy standards that are similar to legal and medical professionals.

You deserve the best. Now experience it.

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