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Process Service

Process services are a specialty of private investigators. When you need to have legal documents delivered securely, it is always best to trust someone with experience. Process service involves the idea of serving legal documents the parties for a legal proceeding and assisting with the transport of legal documents that need to be delivered in a secure manner.

As a professional private investigator I can be responsible for serving these legal documents as a legal professional. In order for a process service to be carried out effectively a person that is delivering them needs to know the procedure according to all local, state and federal laws. By working with a private investigator it is possible to ensure that each one of the documents that needs to be hand-delivered can be delivered correctly.

As a professional private detective I can also handle the process of separating the documents that can be delivered by mail. Not every private investigator will offer process service as not everyone is specifically trained. By working with a private investigator like myself that has the required training, you can make sure that entire process can be carried out legally, ethically and as efficiently as possible.

I can handle a process of delivering court documents to individuals, businesses or even witnesses involved with court proceedings. Whether you need to deliver judgment papers, divorce papers, legal documents and evidence like medical history/ employment history or more. As a process server I can locate the individual who requires process service as well as serve the papers under full legal requirements for the state of Missouri.

As an enhanced PEI that has undertaken an accreditation to legally complete process service, I am pleased to offer this service in the community here. This can be a drastic help in legal proceedings especially when a person needs to be located in order to process court documents.

If you are interested in process service with a professional private investigator, please contact me today.

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