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Skip Trace

Our company specializes in private investigation services that can help with financial, forensic, fraud, asset discovery and more. Discovering invaluable data on the location of various assets our people can really help in any type of legal proceeding. If you have someone that you need located our Skip Trace services can help you to quickly gather information on a subject as well as the location/whereabouts of a person or asset.

Some of the Skip Trace solutions that we commonly perform include:

Searching for people: Whether someone has moved out of state or changed their name, we can perform a thorough Skip Trace to discover past addresses, speak with known relatives and associates as well as obtain civil records. Through our private investigation services we can uncover items like Social Security numbers, a date of birth, phone numbers and known aliases/locations.

Phone searching: We can help uncover the latest numbers used by any subject. A Skip Trace can uncover data on cell phones, unlisted numbers as well as other registered information can help any type of legal proceeding move along much easier.

Court searches: We can handle the process of Skip Trace services for the latest in judicial records and off-line civil court records. Through a court search we can discover past legal cases involving a particular subject.

Searching for assets: We can determine the whereabouts of a variety of physical assets through Skip Trace, that can be used as a means to repay debts, assist with a criminal investigation or provide evidence in a court of law.

Business search: We can perform in-depth Skip Trace into a newly updated business, an executive or business professional. This can be supremely important for a variety of criminal cases and improve the speed of investigative power.

Licenses search: We can perform a professional license information search to collect supplemental data that will help you build a profile on a particular subject.

Contact us if you are interested in any of the following Skip Trace services for your investigation.

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